April 24, 2020
Furnishing in a minimal way does not mean doing it in a boring way!

Today we want to dispel the belief that furnishing in a minimal way means furnishing in a flat and boring way. How many times you will have read articles and seen images that have as a common thread the minimal, and you will have thought that those environments were devoid of personality, like coming out […]

March 30, 2020
Furnishing in vintage style: tips on how to furnish in vintage style without looking old

A velvet armchair, a turntable with exposed vinyl, a honey-coloured wall and a brass lamp. In one word: vintage. Furnishing in vintage style is not trivial. If we think of bringing within the walls of the house an object full of nostalgia, which belongs to a different era, we must pay attention to some details […]

March 24, 2020
We stay at home, but on the balcony: ideas to decorate it!

Tips on how to furnish the terrace or garden in a stylish and functional way If you are reading this article you are probably looking for ideas to furnish your terrace or to furnish your balcony in a simple, functional and tasteful way. With few furnishings and a touch of style you can furnish your […]

March 21, 2020
Order your own vinyl records to have a corner, indeed a dedicated totem!

Today we want to talk to those who, like us, are passionate about music, and therefore collect records, CDs and vinyl. We know that those who love music do not have half measures. There is not a real fan who owns a few records, so those who love vinyl do not own one, but collect […]

March 18, 2020
Create a studio at home, where to start to do it in style

An ever-present theme for everyone today is the need to create a corner dedicated to study, to work, be it the profession that usually takes place in the office or the activity that takes us every day out of the house. Apartments in the city often have limited space and having to make a choice […]

The story of Minuetto

Design means creating wonder!Great surprise at the birth of Duetto in the nineties.Like the egg of Columbus, all speechless today in front of Minuetto.The new product branded Plinio il Giovane is the result of careful research, precise calculations and, above all, the experience gained in the historic carpentry shop by Francesco Ippoliti, part of the […]

March 13, 2020
Minuetto, the ideal product to furnish a small space

Sometimes when you furnish a house you look for furniture that solves more needs, especially when you want to furnish an apartment, without sacrificing to have a nice and cozy house. When you want to renovate a home environment and maybe you don’t have too much space, you need to think about smart solutions that […]

February 4, 2020
How do you become a home stylist?

As already mentioned in our previous articles, “who is the home stylist?” and “what does the home stylist do?”,the home stylist is a well-known professional figure abroad, which is now also spreading in Italy. The home stylist is the one who takes care of your home, he follows you step by step in the realization […]

January 23, 2020
Here are the tips for a better sleep

Plinio il Giovane does not sleep, he dreams.Invent furniture not to earn money, but to be able to make the furniture that will make you dream. How should a good bed be made? First you need to know that sleeping well requires four elements: bed, mattress, sheets and pillows. The advice is to opt for […]

January 18, 2020
What a home stylist does

In the previous article we explained who is the home stylist, this new furnishing professional, but you may have wondered: Home stylist: how can it help me concretely? We can answer these questions because this figure was born right inside the atelier. The forge of ideas and creativity where new products, synergistic collaborations and lucky […]