Here are the tips for a better sleep

January 23, 2020

Plinio il Giovane does not sleep, he dreams.
Invent furniture not to earn money, but to be able to make the furniture that will make you dream.

How should a good bed be made?

First you need to know that sleeping well requires four elements: bed, mattress, sheets and pillows.

The advice is to opt for a minimal bed, to avoid dust accumulation, allow the air to circulate as much as possible and therefore be easier to clean.

Mario Prandina, a down-to-earth dreamer, in 1975 with the little money in his pocket realized his first dream, the Plinio Bed. A minimal bed, entirely in wood, with few components and assembled by four large wooden screws. The beginning of the collection of minimal beds.
This allows you to easily disassemble and clean it in every small part, eliminating dust and ensuring a hypoallergenic and healthy product.

All the beds of Plinio il Giovane are designed to last, just see how many people still love the first Plinio Bed!

For all the people who still choose the Plinio Bed and not only, Plinio il Giovane is able to offer you dream mattresses, perfect for your health:

Eco-friendly and innovative mattresses!

Today, thanks to companies that are researching new materials obtained from renewable raw materials and that are introducing new concepts in the world of sleeping, new solutions are emerging that take care of the well-being of the person and the environment by eliminating plastic, The number one enemy of the environment.

The new mattresses are made of materials free of toxic elements, thus creating the perfect hypoallergenic mattress.

Perfectly compatible with the skin, thanks to odorless essential oils, they are also treated in the details of the style.

Certified as a class 1 medical device.

They are classified anti decubitus and numbered and registered with the Ministry of Health. In addition, they are free from CFCs and other products harmful to the ozone layer.

The best eco mattress is at Plinio il Giovane. Eco-friendly, able to give you a safe place to dream. But not only, different models and different covers to give you a wide choice of products that best suit you.

We combine these innovative mattresses with our historic beds and cover them with our soft linen sheets.

Why choose pure linen sheets? Because these are the best sheets to rest on.

Of course, they may cost more than the classic cotton, but their characteristics are of high quality.
First of all, they are good for the whole year, cool in summer and warm in winter, able to adapt to body temperature. They are soft to the touch, comfortable and resistant over time.

But not only that, they are historical! In fact, flax fiber seems to be the oldest in the world; natural, sustainable, hypoallergenic and healthy.

At Plinio il Giovane, choosing yarns made in Italy, we make the best linen sheets, dressing your bed with the high quality of raw material and production.

As you know, the choice of the best pillow is not obvious.
It must allow you to sleep peacefully and wake you up rested.

However, this is often difficult. You may have woken up with neck pain, so having the right pillow is very important.

Hypoallergenic pillows available from the softest to the most consistent, to be suitable for those who are more demanding.

This is why at Plinio the Younger we choose linen pillows, perfect for sleeping and soft to the touch.