• Our mission
    is to make Luigi work
    – the carpenter –
  • All our products
    are handmade one by one.
    – Luigi has only two hands –
  • All our furniture
    become more beautiful in time
    – Luigi doesn’t –
One by one, regardless of time
Each of our creations is a unique and unrepeatable work, the result of love, passion and dedication to a job that, fortunately, we love madly.
The finishes of our wood based on naturally pigmented cooked linseed oil, together with a wide selection of fine fabrics born from fascinating and noisy jacquard looms, allow to create infinite combinations of materials and colors, without compromises and brakes to your creativity and dreams.
A social campaign
The idea of Mario Prandina was to build a product, in small series, accessible to a young audience, very resistant and lasting over time.
The aim was to create and give birth to products that embodied the sense of a social campaign, to combat pollution and advancing consumerism. At that time, it was the first recovery operation in the furniture industry.
The same mission that today this brand continues to support and pursue.