Our new ideas for outdoor

– The transformables –

Armchair Bed

The minimalistic shapes of this armchair hide the ingenious secret.
Like a matrioska, inside the base structure there are long practices, that easily allow Marghe to be transformed from armchair, to chaise long, or even single bed.
Also the armrests overturn with a simple gesture, becoming two practical trays.
The cushions are padded with brathable and water-repellent material and the available fabrics are ideal for every outdoor use, making this product perfect for both indoors and outdoors.
The metal tubing structure and electrowelded net allow the perfect compromise between resistance and lightness, to easily enjoy Marghe in every configuration.

Sofa Bed

For anyone who already knows Plinio il Giovane’s philosophy, this sofa echoes the functioning of our iconic Duetto.
The structure is composed of two overlapped elements, rotating the one above and rearranging the cushions you obtain in an instant a king-size bed.
The electrowelded net guarantees the perfect elasticity and lightness, while the tubular structure in square section gives a high resistance and solidity to our Nenè.

Armchair Bed

The ingenious mechanism of the new Colò allows for this agile armchair to be transformed in a practical single bed in an instant.
All it takes is unhooking the blocking system underneath the sitting and rotating the armrests!
Available also in the king-size version, it is created for both outdoors and indoors.
A multifunctional product that, thanks to the wide range of colors, is customizable making it unique and yours forever.

Armchair Bed

Slim conified legs, refined curvatures of the metal and precious artistic finishes, make Daze a sophisticated product as an armchair unique in its style.
In the armchair there’s everything: the trick is invisible, but easily discoverable.
Daze is an armchair with lightweight shapes that with a simple gesture is transformable in a dormeuse and also a comfortable single bed.
The practical lateral tray, the tapered legs and the detail of the curved backrest represent a modern design aligned with baroque lines of the past in a perfect fusion of memory and innovation.


Thanks to a careful research on everything that physics and electronics can offer today, Plinio il Giovane presents a project based on the current needs of public spaces, such as airports or hotels, where people have the necessity to relax or work, maintaining the necessary distances in complete security and tranquility.

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