We stay at home, but on the balcony: ideas to decorate it!

March 24, 2020

Tips on how to furnish the terrace or garden in a stylish and functional way

If you are reading this article you are probably looking for ideas to furnish your terrace or to furnish your balcony in a simple, functional and tasteful way.

With few furnishings and a touch of style you can furnish your terrace making it a pleasant environment where you can spend your days in company, or enjoy a dinner under the stars even in the city.

The house must communicate the taste and style of those who live there from the outside.
For those lucky enough to have a garden and terrace, it is essential to take care of this space to define the business card of your home.

Furnishing an outdoor space lends itself to many ideas of different types, obviously according to the environment and budget that we have defined for this space.

To furnish a terrace in an economical and stylish way we can for example combine a few design elements with recycled materials that we will use to accommodate decorative plants or aromatic plants.

In this article we thought to give you some tips to furnish a large terrace or a garden, but also how to optimize the choices to furnish a small balcony of smaller dimensions.

Furnishing a terrace or a balcony is a project that deserves due attention, even the advice of a professional like the home stylist. Especially if the area to be set up is large, furnishing a large terrace or garden is not so discounted and the risk of making wrong purchases or arranging the elements in a chaotic and impractical way is higher.

Evaluating all the salient aspects of the terrace before starting to choose instinctively is fundamental to furnish the terrace with taste and in a functional way.
The orientation and the incidence of the sun in the various hours of the day, the size and shape of the terrace area to be furnished are elements of great importance before starting your own research.

Our goal is to furnish a terrace with taste, bringing out all the potential of this space of the house, regardless of size.
Furnishing a large terrace or a small balcony does not matter. With these guidelines you will have all the necessary tools to optimize the spaces and express your personality even on the balcony of your home.

How big is your terrace?

When you are dealing with a furniture project of an outdoor space to evaluate the size and the area to be furnished is the first indispensable question to ask. In small balconies often the usable area is extremely small and limits the possibility of customization to the use of light furniture that takes up little space.

Also the presence of structural elements such as pillars or other objects, is necessarily to be taken into account, because they can be transformed into a strong point or be used as a support for grids for climbing plants.

How do you want to furnish your terrace?

With the size at hand we can evaluate how to furnish the terrace compatibly with our desires, needs and budget that we have available.

To furnish a dream terrace we will have to use outdoor furniture and accessories made with materials resistant to the sun and weather.

A small terrace can comfortably accommodate a small table and chairs light and stackable and in this case make the most of heights and corners.
A large terrace can include not only table and chairs but also outdoor furniture for a relaxing corner surrounded by greenery.

A wish list will help you develop all the potential of your terrace or garden.

Create a project consistent with your personality and the rest of the house

To better express your personality by starting to furnish the terrace it is preferable to develop a real project, without leaving anything to chance and following a consistent criterion with the rest of the house.

Define the functions for each area of the terrace or garden and make a list of the furniture to buy.

Use light and outdoor furniture elements and give ample space to the green.

The most beautiful terraces are those in which colors, materials and plants follow a common criterion.

How to create a relaxation space on the terrace and balcony using plants?

In a self-respecting terrace you can not miss a corner of green, which creates shade and helps make the space more livable.

The choice of furniture should not overshadow the development of a green project that must necessarily take into account the climate of the area in which you live, the amount of direct or indirect light and the concrete possibility of continuously taking care of plants.

Furnishing a terrace with plants to gain an isolated corner from the urban context and from the view of the neighbors is also possible taking advantage of the properties of some plants, such as bamboo and papyrus, which create a kind of natural tent.

To create a relaxing space on the terrace, you should not miss colorful plants and aromatic plants, able to create with their fragrance an even more relaxing atmosphere. Essential to furnish a terrace in the city, the plants will transform the outdoor space into a real green oasis.

It is of great importance to pay proper attention also to the purchase of vases and planters aligning shapes and materials with the style of outdoor tables and chairs, without forgetting the outdoor armchairs.

The market offers us a wide range of solutions suitable for all needs.
Use vases and planters of different height, size and color to give a touch of movement and joy to the space.

How to brighten the terrace in the best way?

A great idea on how to light a terrace are solar and wireless lights, which recharge with sunlight. Lanterns can also be a great solution, especially for romantics.

A soft light can create a certain atmosphere especially in the evening, without disturbing the neighbors. Some light points oriented on the floor will allow the walker not to stumble on some object.

Creativity and imagination are the ingredients that can not miss when you want to make a cozy terrace.