How do you become a home stylist?

February 4, 2020

As already mentioned in our previous articles, “who is the home stylist?” and “what does the home stylist do?”,the home stylist is a well-known professional figure abroad, which is now also spreading in Italy.

The home stylist is the one who takes care of your home, he follows you step by step in the realization of the perfect home, carefully following your desires and your needs.

The best home stylist accompanies you in the choice of colors, furnishings, fabrics, curtains, lights and aims to solve any problem or doubt for the realization of the house of your dreams.

To be able to achieve what you want and show you the development of ideas and works, the home stylist uses different tools: sketches, drawings, moodboards, processing of maps, 3D modeling and renderings.

What do you need to become a home stylist?

Surely love for harmonies: beauty, in fact, is not always and only a matter of personal taste, but as the history of art and design teach us, beauty is also dictated by the precise study of the elements and the right proportions, that determine harmony and aesthetic taste.

The home stylist also uses his technical skills acquired over the years. In fact, to be a home stylist it is not enough to have only taste, but it is important to know how to use all those useful software for the representation of the ideas and developments of the project, but also to know the materials, their characteristics and their workmanship.

The home stylist can definitely help you choose the best material according to its destination.

But in addition to these technical characteristics, one of the main ones is to have great experience and empathy.

The home stylist must be able to communicate with the customer, he must build an empathetic bond, which is not limited to a simple working relationship.
The home stylist must know your needs and desires, to be able to identify with you and to realize your dreams.

With the help of Plinio il Giovane you can learn how to decorate a house with attention to detail, thanks to the forty-five and more years.

Becoming a home stylist is easy if you follow the advice of a brand that has over 45 years of experience in the world of product and interior design.

Becoming a home furnishing professional means having a knowledge of both the product and the furniture trends of the moment.

How to become a home stylist with Plinio il Giovane

Becoming a furniture professional is possible.

Plinio explains how being a home stylist means just choosing furniture with taste.

We need to collaborate with design industry journalists who launch new furniture trends, create apartments that become photo sets, where the home stylist with creativity and imagination creates a fashion environment.

The modern home stylist was born from Plinio il Giovane.

He is a professional who creatively helps create fashions, who helps people who read newspaper articles and are inspired by these to imagine the home of their dreams.

Plinio il Giovane has never imposed a style, as many design brands do.

It always tried to make products that were not intrusive, not fashionable but could be easily customized.

Products that can be easily combined with each other and other furniture thanks to the minimal lines and always current. We have always tried to enhance custom products, customizable and customized products.

Being a home stylist does not mean revolutionizing a space and distorting it. Often a skilled eye to the colors of the walls, the choice of the type of lighting, to enhance your home.

It is true, Plino il Giovane has a strong identity. It is recognizable because what it realizes has a uniqueness due to the lightness of the lines, super light and minimal products that allow the imagination to indulge and create new environments, always different.

The reason we partnered with major companies like Frette or Rebel, Society, and others is because our products were chosen for their versatility.

A home stylist can create an atmosphere and tailor it to you and your home, thanks to the products that do not invade the spaces, but create harmony.