What a home stylist does

January 18, 2020

In the previous article we explained who is the home stylist, this new furnishing professional, but you may have wondered:

Home stylist: how can it help me concretely?

We can answer these questions because this figure was born right inside the atelier. The forge of ideas and creativity where new products, synergistic collaborations and lucky encounters are born.

The decorator was a consultant who followed the customer to give him advice and guide him on how to renovate the house.

Do-it-yourself furniture: how has the role of the interior designer changed?

This professional figure we can say that it has evolved in home styling.

The home stylist comes to your home and studies your environment, in fact it is essential to know and see live the space that must be furnished and understand your needs and what you would like to find at home once the work is finished.

Here begins the research on fabrics, materials, trends that arise in the design market and products that could be chosen for your home.

This search between styles and endless possibilities, of which the experience makes a synthesis, becomes a tool that the home stylist puts at the service of its customers that are guided and recommended step by step.

How many times have you seen an image in a magazine and wanted to inspire you with that in style?

The home stylist helps you in this too, interprets needs by suggesting solutions and types of furniture with which to create the right harmony also taking care of details, such as furnishing accessories, sheets, curtains, design objects, the colors of the walls and the way to match them.

Home stylist Milan: how to move

Working as a home stylist means giving advice through fundamental steps.

DIY furniture is one of the most obvious needs of those preparing to renovate the house. A little ‘because you are afraid to rely on someone who does not translate your ideas exactly as you would like, a little ‘because those who have to decorate the house would like to feel their own.

The best way to do that is to be personally involved. This, as we will explain, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

The home stylist knows you first.

Knowing the person who will inhabit that environment is very important.

He will know your tastes, your preferences, to try to advise you and interpret your needs.

The second step is to come to your home, study the spaces, the light, the colors that are there or those that you would like, the furniture that you would like to renew. Home styling is a careful work that considers what you already have at home and enhances it with the new.

An important principle that follows the home stylist is this: to renew your home you do not have to upset it!

Home Stylist, interior designers and interior designers. How do they cooperate?

Once you know your home and you, start creative research work.

Every day dozens of new furniture trends are born, always different that home stylists must know.

Home style is a study of the new ideas that appear in the world of design and interior design, brought to your home.

Even if the colors, the shapes, the spaces of your home are different, the home stylist must know all the possibilities, the brands, the brands that could be the right ones for you.

As a kind of vocabulary of the new furniture trends 2020 that must master with experience and ability.

The next step is to translate all this into images, into a project that can inspire you.

Moodboards are born, a set of evocative images that represent the style you might want in your home. Colors and shapes, sometimes contrasting materials, that create the mood of your home.

From this inspiration comes the comparison between your ideas and those of the home stylist.

Once you have chosen the mood, the style you want at home, you go to the choice of furniture, colors, shapes with which to achieve it.

The home stylist experience here is very important. The knowledge of materials, brands, trendy brands will help you choose the right and best furniture for you and your home.

Of course, this means studying the spaces and having an idea before buying the furniture of where you want to put it. You never buy without knowing where to put that sofa or that coffee table!

The home stylist working with the atelier, as in the case of Plinio, helps you from the beginning to the end, with advice at 360 degrees. Having an induced workforce who have worked with us for 45 years, the home stylist can also give you advice on aspects related to home furnishings. Plinio il Giovane knew the weavers, the tailors who worked the fabrics, the painters who painted, the carpenters. A world that the home stylist brings to your home and puts at your service.

The home stylist guides you in the choices from beginning to end, until you deliver your home as you imagined it.

Even at finished jobs remains at your disposal, for changes and additions that we know often come to mind once you start living an environment.

In Plinio il Giovane’s atelier, different and personal ideas and tailor-made projects are born every time, because we look with care and great curiosity at every home, but above all those who live there.