Create a studio at home, where to start to do it in style

March 18, 2020

An ever-present theme for everyone today is the need to create a corner dedicated to study, to work, be it the profession that usually takes place in the office or the activity that takes us every day out of the house.

Apartments in the city often have limited space and having to make a choice of priorities, between kitchen, bedroom for themselves and for the family, the corner dedicated to work is sacrificed.

Often today you spend so much time away from home that surely once you are there, you want to dedicate yourself to something else.

But there are times when work also follows us home, maybe important deadlines force us to bring the pc and the material inside the home.

Once the studio was a sacred place, a place where a large desk dominated, a bookcase even more cumbersome with the texts of the profession. It was the place dedicated to work, but at home.

Today the times have changed, knowledge has often passed from paper to digital, and although training is a value that cannot totally distance itself from paper, information and communication have become smart and digital. The furniture of the studio then changed face, following the needs of today’s work.

Today, when we talk about home study, we mean a place, maybe even cut out in an existing space where you can isolate yourself and concentrate in your work.

This smart solution combines well with the principles of minimalism that Plinio translates into his style of furniture.

How to furnish your studio

When you start thinking about how to furnish the studio, our advice is to start with the cult pieces, which are necessary to have a room dedicated to work, functional and practical.

To begin with, the desk should be comfortable and spacious, making it easier to work with.

Plinio’s desk par excellence is our Regency. Desk in solid oak, born from the skilful workmanship of master craftsmen, Regency is available with or without drawers, made to measure.

Surely the drawer is very useful, because once you have finished working you can store everything inside, the pc, the tablet and your notes.

With our Regency the most suitable and comfortable chair to be matched is the Director. Born to be the desk chair, comfortable and ergonomic, has a large seat and armrests that allow you to lean and maintain the correct position.

But when the space is little, but you do not want to give up the style and a handmade product, we combine the Seggiola, a chair always in solid oak, but a little smaller, not to clutter, but at the same time be comfortable to work hours.

You can also pair it with the Director by placing two on the opposite side of the desk.

The second fundamental element to create a practical study is the library.

As we have said, not all professions need the amount of books to own at home as they used to, but every job requires you to have easy-to-read texts.

Shelf, the bookcase in solid oak, practical and classic, is the solution that Plinio has designed and that for over thirty years furnishes the studios and houses of Milan.

Only 20 cm deep, so as not to clutter, Shelf, thanks to the ingenious weight control it remains standing even without being hooked to the wall.

It looks like a staircase, a shelf, but with a line that takes up the English bookstores of the ‘800.

To move the space we suggest combining modules of different widths, from 40, 80, 100 cm to play with the arrangement of books.

To complete your study still lacks an aspect, light.

To work well and create the right environment, even if there are guests, you need to pay special attention to lighting.

Tozzo is the floor lamp in brass, hand-turned, born in the historical laboratory of the lights of a Florentine master, who designed the shape inspired by the vintage shapes of the lamps of the 50s.

Thanks to the cone that directs the beam of light, Tozzo is particularly suitable to be placed on the ground at the side of the desk to illuminate the work surface.

If space is limited and you prefer a bet on the worktop, our lampshades (Pinocchio, Bowl and Trequarti) can be a good alternative.

How to cut out a study corner in the house, if you have never had one

If you have never thought you need a studio in your own home, the first step is to figure out where you can carve out a suitable space.

Few have extra rooms, the city apartments are often small and limited.

The first step is to find a place, perhaps in the room or in the bedroom, to dedicate to your study.

Consider that to create a suitable space must first be well lit, then under a window or directly illuminated by the natural source.

It must be a space that can be “cut out” in the room, so as far as possible detached from the rest.

Your studio needs a desk and chairs first, I would say one if the space is really small, but a couple would be perfect, in case you had to work with someone.

The desk can be of various shapes, rectangular or square, with drawers, or even transformable, like a console that can be opened when you need and become a shelf when you no longer use it.

Plinio il Giovane has designed transformable and minimal solutions, furnishings that have ingeniously solved space problems in an intelligent and unique way.

There are those who, in fact, have no space and look for a transformable solution, that when needed can give the extra space that you need to work, but then you can rest.

The Regency console was born for this reason. Round or oval, it is a console table with two lateral wings that can be opened to form a round or even rectangular table, or closed on one or both sides.

Closed on one side you can lean against the wall and become a desk classic and practical, if closed by both becomes a console, also convenient to be used as a worktop.

It is the classic solution and at the same time elegant and minimal for any environment, which does not clash with the rest of the furniture and indeed fits even when you are not using it as a workplace.

Then there are those who have little space, but when he works he needs double!

That’s how Be Square was born.

A solid oak cube of 78 cm per side that alone is a perfect table, to work, have breakfast or have lunch in two or more people. A versatile and space-saving cube, completed by a mirror of the same size with a wooden frame, design, that decorates your home.

However, if you need double the worktop, you just need to remove the mirror frame from the wall and place it on the cube to have a double worktop!

You can work on the PC, support work or drawing tools that require a large surface area, even organize a business meeting at home!

The versatility of having two objects that transform and give twice the space but only when you need it!

Working low is not for everyone, some prefer to stay high.

Not everyone works well on a desk, there are those who love the counter and stool, because maybe there is not for hours but wants a support where you can use the pc at home.

Working on a custom basis and following the needs of our customers we have created customized solutions that have become furnishings that in turn have been chosen by other customers yet.

Thus was born Plinio’s Counter.

From the idea of the cube, it becomes less deep and taller, a counter where you can rest and work on the pc. With Sgabatello in solid oak wood, working is so easy and comfortable thanks to the high back designed to support the body, or for those who love the contrast between materials, you can combine Dariothe iron stool, created for indoor or outdoor that gives a touch of urban style to your study corner.

The Counter is a versatile solution that is suitable for both a kitchen, a room or a living room, the workplace that you do not notice there is.

Working at home with creativity has never been easier!