It was the ’70s, the days of great ideals. Jane Fonda was fighting the Vietnam War.
Uncle Giacomo, as a good orthopedist, was fighting the bad postures of designer chairs that the market proposed.
Because of the love for Zio Giacomo, I started to fulfill his wishes, creating a collection of wooden seats
that would take care of people and their backs.
From this Director was born, an example of engineering of lightness and love in doing things well, without haste.

The engineering of lightness

All our products are made according to the lightness engineering.
Raw materials are valuable to us and should therefore not be wasted.
This is why every single element of our product is structural and calculated according to the stresses to which it is subjected.
Nothing is superfluous, hence the perfect balance between lightness and resistance.

Technical Specifications
Mario Prandina
Tempi di Produzione
2-4 Months
Plinio Il Giovane

Pagamento sicuro
Qualità garantita dal 1975
Originalità 100%
Consegna al piano
Facilità di assemblaggio
Realizzato con materiali ecosostenibili

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