How to choose the furniture you really need

December 20, 2019

How to furnish a small apartment, in a practical and current way, is one of the requests we come across most frequently.

How to furnish a small apartment, in a practical and current way, is one of the requests we come across most frequently.

How to furnish a small apartment in the mountains, how to furnish a small apartment by the sea, how to furnish a small apartment in the city or a loft are the real needs of most people.

How much is the space in the house today? How much do we really have?

Furnishing a studio with little space in a functional way can be done, just follow some suggestions and caution.

The main risk when decorating with little space is to fill it in an exaggerated way, trying to fit everything we need. The result is that we will have an impractical and uncomfortable home. An apartment already tends to fill up over time, so when you start furnishing you have to choose carefully what you really need.

How to fit everything you need without filling the space too much?

Plinio Il Giovane’s solution is to use a space-saving transformable furniture, produced with a double use. We have become experts in the last 45 years, thanks to the continuous search for new ideas and projects born to satisfy our real needs.

A convertible sofa that becomes a double bed or two beds. The look is that of a sofa with a minimal and light line: here is our Duetto. Subtle in form, it doesn’t fill the space even when you look at it.

Eclettica is a compact armchair, just over a meter long, but also chaise longue, armchair with coffee table or single bed.

Here are some examples of products that solve more needs with just one piece of furniture.

Surely choosing a single piece of furniture with more functions is a nice solution: practical, economical and functional.

Surely choosing a single piece of furniture with more functions is a nice solution: practical, economical and functional.

Many customers wonder if a furniture with more functions is beautiful, decorative, design, like one that was born for that one specific use.

A table that turns into a mirror, an armchair that becomes a bed, maybe they risk being less cared for and less beautiful because they have to adapt to more functions?

Plinio has made design a different philosophy: combining practicality and beauty.

For this reason he immediately abandoned the idea of the old storage sofas convertible into beds, large and bulky, to design furniture with minimal and elegant lines.

When you look at one of our transformable furniture, you will be struck by the beauty of the minimal lines and the current design. A synthesis of ancient artisanal methods, ecological and hypoallergenic materials, the result of 45 years of research, and furniture trends today.

Is a transformable furniture temporary?

Maybe it is not so suitable to be used always, maybe it is only good as an emergency solution or for guests.

It’s not like that. When a piece of furniture is designed and cared for in every detail, it is born to be functional, without losing sight of how it should be in your home. You must see it well at home when you use it and store it easily when you no longer need it.

Those who are preparing to furnish their home want first of all to have furnishing accessories or aesthetically pleasing furniture.

The comfort that guarantees a space-saving furniture should not be substituted for the trendy design.

For this reason, finding furniture that is both beautiful and practical is the right solution for those looking for how to furnish a small apartment.

If I have guests at dinner but I have little space how do I do? What if they stay to sleep?
Maybe your apartment is small, but enough for you to live in it every day.

When you have to organize a night at home you realize that it is not enough, you did not think about this need.

For example, when you have guests at dinner, you may not have enough chairs. Of course, you thought you couldn’t keep a dozen in a small apartment!

Plinio has created Bea, the stackable chair in metal that you can choose in the color as you want.

Six stacked chairs occupy not even a meter!

If you need them you use them, and when you’re done with dinner you put them away easily. Available in the color you want, when the stacks look almost like a work of art!

What if one square meter is enough to have dinner in two or with the same table in eight? Why take two tables when you only need one?

Be Square is a square table with a matching mirror. If you are alone it is for four people, if you have guests removing the wooden frame from the mirror and placing it on the square table it is enlarged to accommodate eight.

Or Fly, table that opens with a simple gesture, doubling.

Don’t take up unnecessary space when you don’t need it, but if necessary you have it at your disposal!

Think then when in winter you need a coat hanger, but maybe you don’t have it because you don’t know where to put it in summer.

Picchio is the coat hanger formed by four wooden rods that intersect, easily resealable to be able to store in summer and open in winter, just like a woodpecker that comes out in the cold and hides in the heat.

Choosing versatile and transformable furniture is the secret to renew the environment with a simple gesture.