Why use the atelier as your personal furniture workshop

December 7, 2019

Discover how to furnish your home yourself

When you start your business, how to furnish your home, be it a new project or a change, requires who will be responsible for two qualities: competence and listening.

Often when as a customer you are faced with hundreds of choices, including furniture, fabrics, brands and brands, you feel lost and confused.

Maybe you have a generic idea, if you want a minimal or classic furniture, with vintage or antique pieces, but you do not know where to start.

So, hoping not to make mistakes and take less time, we think that the solution is to turn to a professional to rely on, who has the right skills and knowledge.

If you are reading this article you have already passed all these stages and you are still not completely satisfied.

The main reason is that you thought the choice to delegate to an expert was the solution. But it’s not always enough to meet your needs.

When deciding who to look for when choosing your furniture, you need to pay attention to these aspects.

Choosing a workshop that works well is not enough to ensure effective advice.

Why? How to recognize an atelier that not only makes quality products but that can really help you by giving you useful advice?

First of all you need to choose a laboratory that has a showroom in which to see the products.

Plinio il Giovane was one of the first historical brands to open his atelier to the public.

That’s why we think we have the right knowledge to advise you on how to extricate yourself in this complex world.

Plinio il Giovane has always combined consulting in the atelier with the craftsmanship of hand-made furniture, a production industry that works with wood and iron, produces fabrics, all in an ecological way, turns brass screws, Polishes and finishes the products with cooked linseed oil.

Having a designer at your service, the very creator of a brand that realizes projects with a team of interior designers, who spend 50 percent of the time with him in production is the most useful way to advise and guide you in your choices. Here’s what we think makes the difference in the end result.

If you enter the showroom of a craft workshop you will not be left alone, but you will be guided in the choices to try to interpret your needs by creating customized solutions for you and customized.

Is a tailor-made project only for large spaces?
Only if you have to furnish an entire house?

Absolutely not!

A bespoke project can be done even if you are looking for a single piece of furniture such as a bookcase, a bed or a table or an area of the house. Creating custom furniture means customizing a product, like a tailor, to make it as you want, customized and how you imagine it at home.

Not everyone can offer this, unless it is an atelier that has both the production and the products, that the skills needed to amaze you. Research, design, design and 45 years of product experience.

One aspect that is often underestimated is punctuality.

When you order a custom-made piece of furniture or a custom piece of furniture on the advice of a professional and maybe even pay a challenging price, you often have to wait a long time to have it at home.

This happens when you have an intermediary who does not manage the production of your furniture and therefore cannot intervene on the production timing.

From our experience of over 45 years we know how important it is to ensure the agreed delivery time, monitoring the work from the moment the customer chooses a product until it is delivered home.

Every detail is important to ensure the agreed delivery and have at home the product you expected in the time you need.