What if I could make your house myself?

December 7, 2019

Our tips on how to decorate your DIY home

If you read this page you are perhaps starting to think about how to furnish your home or furniture solutions that you had not imagined.

Often those who approach the thorny topic of home decor, rely on a professional thinking to solve its difficulties in a short time. It starts because you have a desire to have someone who is able to advise and guide you in choosing and saving you time. How many times have you thought that in this way delegating to a competent person, you will not have to deal with it.

But it is not at all obvious that this will happen.

You will realize that a professional, competence, knowledge are not enough to interpret your needs.

What to do if you are not convinced of the solutions they have proposed?

The reasons are different.

Often the solutions are little customized. Often those who suggest a project do not produce it directly. He therefore does not know in depth the stages of production and the technically feasible variants on a product.

Advising means really satisfying the need of a customer who often doesn’t have the clear ideas at the beginning and must be guided in choosing the type of furniture he loves.

It is also not enough to know that you are buying a quality product, because maybe you are doing it from a historical and well-known company.

It is not enough that you like the product you have chosen, nor turn to a good furniture laboratory.

The real problem is that if you turn to someone who doesn’t have a 360-degree production, from wood to iron to textiles, they can’t give you all the choices available.

It often happens that customers, despite being followed, come to us for a comparison, or even that the architects themselves suggest them to come to the showroom to choose for themselves. This is to have a direct relationship and touch with less, but above all to choose from so many possibilities.

Plinio il Giovane has been furnishing custom-made homes for its customers for over 45 years. This is why we know the difference between furnishing with furniture and translating into a piece of furniture the wishes of those who come to our atelier.

The freedom to furnish, from the colors of the fabrics, to the finishes of the wood means customizing the house without delegating and letting someone decide for you.

Decorating your own home is easier than you think.

To have ready furniture solutions for every need, turn to the furniture atelier.