The textile that furnishes with style: how to choose the sheets of your room

November 29, 2019

Often when you have to furnish a bedroom you focus on the right furniture, the bed, the wardrobe and you leave for last the complements, as if they were less important.

But it is not so, pillows, blankets, duvet covers and sheets are the complements that give personality and style to your room.

At the same time if you are tired of how you see your room, changing fabrics is the easiest way to renew it.

The choice of textiles depends first of all on the impact you want to create when you enter the room.

For example, if you have a classic furniture, which you want to make more modern, you can choose solid colors, maybe bright and pop that give freshness and modernity to your space. At the same time you can use white, a color that goes with every style.

If you have a minimalist decor you can play with the imagination and opt for sheets that play on shades of black or white, solid color or choose a pattern that gives movement to a linear decor.

The choice of the type of fabric is equally important: if you are looking for an elegant sheet, you can choose satin or silk, if you prefer a rustic and country effect, you can opt for linen or canvas, if you are looking for a refined cotton fabric worked by Jaquard looms.

Plinio has designed a limited edition collection, available in two pink and blue colours.

He thought of this, a fantasy born from the combination of more than a geometric design that embellishes the pure cotton fabric worked with Jaquard looms. Combined with a neutral colour of the under-sheet, the geometric designs formed by straight and circular lines create movement without weighing the fabric down.

We chose blue, powder pink and white colors because they are elegant and versatile tones, which are well suited to be combined with a minimal or a more elaborate and classic furniture.

We use them on our beds, Mattia becomes sporty if dressed in blue, Romantic dancer in pink.

The important thing is always to calibrate the lines of the furniture with the patterns and designs of the textile part, so that they are pleasant to the eye and weigh down the environment.

For Christmas 2019 we decided to pack our precious textiles in bags sewn with the same fantasy, which can become a practical tomorrow bags to keep for example pajamas or underwear.

A precious set of sheets can be a gift suitable for everyone, as a Christmas gift for a couple, as a wedding gift, for a friend who decorates the new house.

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