The atelier Plinio il Giovane

December 14, 2019

Remember there used to be ateliers?

They were real places, where creativity, combined with craft, gave life to beautiful projects and their achievements. Passing distractedly in front of their immaculate windows, you always saw something unique, able to make you fall in love, while in the back, between the dust and the disorder, artisans raged their creativity always inventing something new.

How do you think Plinio il Giovane was born 45 years ago? Exactly with the concept of the sixteenth-century workshops. Today, entering our headquarters in Milan center, you will find that you are not inside a common furniture store. The soul of our atelier has remained alive in a place full of inventiveness and imagination, where a team of young interior designers, under the guidance of Mario Prandina, founder of our brand, design and experiment for you always new solutions.
At Plinio il Giovane you will not find simple salesmen armed with price lists, waiting to sell yet another product, but creative young people who can not wait to listen to your needs to give concrete shape to your desires.
The seven windows of our showroom present our philosophy, the materials we use and the care we employ in what we make, but at the same time hide a direct link with the production in Brianza.

What is the Brianza?

It is the most efficient furniture production district in the world.

It is the place where designers from all over the world could realize their projects.

It is the place where, also Le Corbusier, saw the birth of his productions

It is the place where Plinio il Giovane has created, since 1975, his products thanks to the experience of master carpenters, upholsterers, blacksmiths, polishers, who believed in the philosophy that, Mario Prandina, has always considered as his social campaign through a product.

To achieve what you need, we first try to understand your needs, because nothing is more useful than listening to solve a problem.

Then through sketches, moodboards, 3D and renders, we try to offer you the best solutions for your case, giving you the opportunity to put your hand directly to the project, guided by our knowledge and experience of our master craftsmen.

The products presented today in our exhibition space have undergone an evolution over the years dictated by continuous experimentation and improvements that have led them to become iconic and essential.
However, this does not deny our dispassionate desire to think together with new solutions, creating something unique and tailor-made, capable of representing a precise identity. Although the technology we employ helps us to transform an idea into a real project, none of this would be possible without the precious induced craftsmen, who have been collaborating with us for decades.

Carpenters, blacksmiths, upholsterers, polishers, weavers, die makers, artists of know-how, who, for generations, pass on knowledge and values that, like us, want to create quality products and projects, capable of telling a story.

So why are you talking to us?

We do not believe we are the best at what we do, we just know that every day we put so much effort and passion, but it is only thanks to your needs and your ideas, that our products become reality.

To find out how all this becomes possible, visit us or write us, we will be at your disposal.