Sanitizing the house with natural products

May 13, 2020

Is it possible to sanitize the house with natural products?

The house is the place where we recover our energies. It is the playful place to listen to music and relax, where we carry out most of our activities. By taking care of our home, we also take care of ourselves. Living in a healthy and clean environment should be among our priorities. The worldwide spread of an aggressive virus has made it necessary for everyone to adopt more frequent and accurate hygiene measures. For this reason we want to make available our experience in using natural products, to give you some useful hygiene tips, aimed at all those who choose to use the intelligence of nature to counteract it. The care of the hygiene of the house and of the person goes hand in hand with the care of the environment that hosts us and that surrounds us and it is important to put the right attention not only on how clean an environment is, but also on how healthy it is. We must not be better only in the presence of danger, but we must be far-sighted and it is our duty to respond to this rebellion of nature with kindness and love. This virus has it in for us. Because despite everything, spring continued to bloom, the animals came out of their holes finally free and filled the parks and open spaces that we walked on without regard. Nature has continued its course, almost to show us how much it can do without us and today we must defend ourselves by collaborating with it and changing our habits.

We must try to evolve and not regress!

Change course for our good and for the good of all.
The planet was better off with us in the house, let’s ask ourselves a question.
He almost made fun of us with beautiful days and a bright sun.

We realized that the important thing is life and health, ours and that of our children.
We must learn to collaborate with each other and with the planet, enjoy nature and create the conditions for not having to depend on anything.

The planet is tired of all this chemistry we’re abusing, let’s not attack it again with bleach.

What does it mean to live in a healthy environment?

When we look at our home, we should think about a small ecosystem that uses resources and has an impact on the surrounding environment and who lives there. Food, electricity, air, water and products become smoke, garbage, pesticides and fertilizers, fumes of chemicals for cleaning the house, etc. Our habits contribute to environmental pollution inside and outside the home and for this reason it is important to take care to respect the environment and personal health. A healthy home is a new form of education to live naturally. Choosing furniture made with natural materials such as wood, polished with natural products and then choosing the right detergents to combine domestic hygiene and health is also a form of respect for the environment that surrounds us. Our furniture is lightweight and raised from the ground, not only for design reasons, but also to make the most of a precious material such as wood.

Today, the need to disinfect surfaces and ensure effective hygiene can lead us to the risk of chemical poisoning (as pointed out by the Centro Antiveleni del Niguarda)In fact, in a few days, disinfectant poisoning increased by 65% to 137% in the case of children. Even natural products have a great bactericidal effectiveness. For example, the use of Tea tree oil (an essential kind of oil) has shown great effectiveness as an antibacterial, fungicide and antifungal and in some cases antiviral action.

Cleaning the house is a matter of common sense

Sometimes it happens that even if we spend hours polishing a floor or dusting the bookcases at home the results are not satisfactory. Our habits affect the result and some of them can help to frustrate any effort. It is a good idea to keep the rooms ventilated (see also our article on dust) often and regularly, do not smoke at home, change air after cooking and change clothes after a day at work or outdoors. Clothes and shoes are in fact the first vehicle of dirt in our house.

To sanitize and clean home is better to act methodically

Before using products, brooms and brushes it is good to tidy the room. In this way, cleaning operations will be faster and more effective and we will avoid keeping electrical appliances on for longer with a waste of energy. Use different cloths and tools for each room in fact dirt composition varies from room to room, depending on the activity that is carried out. In the bedroom, for example, hair, skin residue and dust lurk, while in the kitchen the type of dirt remains more greasy. Better differentiate cleaning tools to reduce the risk of contamination from one room to another in the house.

Why is it important to use natural and ecological products?

Many products for personal and household hygiene come into conflict with our health and water quality of the seas and rivers. The quality of cleaning products is important for the environment, but above all for our health. Here are some tips to reduce domestic pollution:

  • We don’t use more product than necessary: read the labels! The recommended amount of product for each wash is specially designed. Using more than necessary will not make the surface or garment cleaner, but on the contrary it will leave annoying (or even worse toxic) residues. The excess product is wasted;
  • We choose eco-labelled products. Eco-labelled products reduce health risks, such as eye and skin infections, and degrade into non-hazardous substances when placed in the environment;
  • We use simple, natural ingredients wherever possible. Wine vinegar, for example, is very useful for polishing surfaces and eliminating limestone residues;
  • Our skin absorbs the substances it comes into contact with. For this reason it is good to protect our hands with gloves, also to prevent allergic dermatitis;
  • Always ventilate the rooms after use. Uniform ventilation of the house speeds up the dispersion of volatile substances.

Our selection of natural products to sanitize and clean home

At Plinio il Giovane we have always paid great attention to the use of ecological materials both for the realization of our products and for their polishing.

Today we have also made available to you a selection of products for domestic hygiene based on the use of essential oils and that can guarantee to those who use them a healthy and effective hygiene. The antibacterial gel for hands based on essential oils and ionic silver ensures a sanitizing action on the skin gently and safely. The surface sanitizing spray cleanses and removes bacteria from tables, computers, worktops, handles, etc. Easy and natural and the fabric cleaner cleans and cleans in depth thanks to the high concentration of pure essential oils and mineral salts.