Director, the chair with armrests that becomes a small armchair

We never stop improving, therefore Director has padded seating now.

Director, the chair with armrests, is perfected, becoming padded. I never rest, I change a product thinking about what can be improved, because I like to learn from my achievements.
The upholstered Director was born from this continuous research. An example of continuous research, attention to the detail and product.

The padded seating makes the product ideal for it to be inserted in a living space, to complete the environment with sofas and armchairs and to be the perfect little armchair for conversations.
Not only, thanks to the padding, Director is perfect for working. The shapes are studied for mantaining a correct posture, enabling it to be used for many hours, always ensuring the maximal comfort.

Light, dark or rough effect … as all our creations also the padded Director is available in different finishing options. Discover now our ecologic polishes made of cooked linseed oil.

The engineering of lightness

All our products are made according to the lightness engineering.
Raw materials are valuable to us and should therefore not be wasted.
This is why every single element of our product is structural and calculated according to the requests to which it is subjected.
Nothing is superfluous, which creates the perfect balance between lightness and resistance.

Specific Techniques
Mario Prandina
Production time
2-4 Months
Plinio Il Giovane

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