Angular sofa, two or three seat sofa

The three modules of Corner create an angular sofa

Available in three different measures, Corner is a composable sofa. The three modules can be combined with each other creating an angular sofa available in different dimensions.

The structure, entirely made in solid oak wood and hand polished with pure cooked linseed oil, hides an elasticated frame that renders a soft, comfortable and ergonomic seating. A sofa thought for the ones who love indulging in real relaxing moments.

The feather cushions gently sustain your back, while the biogreen seating guarantees the correct support without renouncing to comfort.

An essential dormeuse, a comfortable sofa, a bed when needed.

The banks, available in solid oak wood or coated in fabric, are easily removable thanks to our brass screws system turned by hand. This gives us the ability to configure the sofa in all the ways we desire.

Weather it be a single or corner combined, Corner is however you like!

The engineering of lightness

All our products are made according to the lightness engineering.
Raw materials are valuable to us and should therefore not be wasted.
This is why every single element of our product is structural and calculated according to the requests to which it is subjected.
Nothing is superfluous, which creates the perfect balance between lightness and resistance.

Specific Techniques
Mario Prandina
Production time
1-2 months
Plinio Il Giovane

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