How can you sleep peacefully in this period, protected from viruses and bacteria? Now I’ll tell you!

November 10, 2020

Plinio il Giovane, a good down-to-earth dreamer, has always made conceptual products, not to earn money… but to have the money to create, with so much research, products that surprise you.

What is the surprise in this difficult period?
A product that makes you want to sleep protected and quiet! Protected by whom? From viruses and bacteria!

Chi ci conosce penserà ad un nuovo letto in legno…
But no! Our wooden beds since 1975 everyone knows that they improve sleep!
This time the novelty is a mattress made with an extraordinary product, lightweight and breathable similar to the sea sponge.
But that is not all!
The coating is the further revolution: a special fabric that contains 8% graphene.

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