June 4, 2022

Th Ditto bench is born out of the collaboration betweenPlinio il Giovane and OfficineMimesi.

Like bits of LEGO, every element that makes up the Plinio il Giovane creations can be customized, disassembled, reassembled, modified, thus giving rise to endless possibilities.

It is precisely on the basis of this concept that Francesco Ippoliti designed Ditto, a modular piece of furniture, configurable according to your needs to create a coffee table, a bench, a sofa or a storage unit. The size and the slender shape make it perfect also to characterize spaces often little valued as corridors or niches.

The structure, in oak wood, is customizable in different finishes, interpreted by Margherita De Zan and Annalisa Tonini of Officinemimesi, a professional studio in Milan that deals with creative direction, scenography and interior styling, as well as virtual photography for catalogs and advertising.