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The Regency Chair exudes elegance, inspired by traditional British style

I fell in love with four Windsor’s chairs I once spotted in an antique shop in London.

How to furnish your house with suited and handmade furniture isn’t so easy! If you are thinking about home furniture, kitchen, living-room, bedroom, wooden and iron furniture but also furniture for outdoor. Plinio il Giovane pay attention to the perfect furniture for you.

These handmade wooden chairs, that are both lightweight and minimalist, form a family. This is the history behind the creation of the Regency.

How am I made ? Made by hand

The structure of the backrest is composed of three layers of 3mm curved solid oak. Using the old fashioned technique of oil to bend the wood. These timeless chairs are enhanced by treatment with pure linseed oil, to emphasise and protect the wood grain. The joints are the same used by English cabinet makers in the 1700’s.