We have believed in it since 1975

This bed, inspired by history and technique, is a product that started as a form and became a structure: to produce a bed with the same care and attention, using the same methods and the same materials and tools used right up until the last century. It is made by hand out of solid oak and polished with pure linseed oil mixed with natural pigments, The Plinio Bed is unique in that it is completely natural and specially recommended for people with allergies. Four large, turned, wooden screws allow the bed to be assembled and dismantled for cleaning that makes it different from any other bed on the market. The structure of the bed and the network of solid beech slats facilitate the circulation of air and work well with the Plinio mattress. This kind of structure improves the quality of sleep and makes cleaning super easy. The treatment with linseed oil highlights the wood grain, keeps the product waterproof and improving the patina and generally prolongs the life of the product.