Zoe wears ecology and style for the Salone del Mobile

June 4, 2022

Designed for Plinio il Giovane by Benedetta Di Matteo is then interpreted by Margherita De Zan and Annalisa Tonini of Officinemimesi in ocassion of the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile di Milano, june 2022.

Zoe is a kitchen in full Plinio il Giovane style. The kitchen is inspired by the famous Totem bookcases of the collection and the need to create a kitchen outside the classic canons, which could reflect the idea of unexpected transformable products.

A simple and minimal kitchen that also becomes work space. It is made entirely of wood finished with oil and with organic paints, which allow you to give color and character to the product.


During the Fuorisalone2022, Plinio il Giovane’s products are ecologically dressed with new sustainable fabrics, made with jacquard looms. Global Recycled System items made by Post-Consumer related to the maceration of fabrics and clothing used for circular economy.

These fabrics are produced according to a chain designed specifically to be strictly local and all made in Italy, to minimize the environmental impact related to the transport of raw and semi-processed materials, greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

They are part of a ZERO waste collection and are manufactured in compliance with the REACH regulations of the European Union (adopted with a view to improving the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that may arise from chemical substances and to promoting alternative methods for the assessment of the hazards that may arise from such substances, in order to reduce the number of animal trials).