The service Plinio Custom Made

Your custom made furniture

Plinio il Giovane was founded in 1975 designing the future of a company with a clear mission: custom-made wooden furniture and design.

The ethical furniture of Plinio il Giovane was born in the first place with the aim of valuing and promoting the Italian know-how of our artisans. The work of the carpenter, the custom-made furniture, the craftsmanship and ethics are all combined with design.

We bring to your home, in a simple way, the dream that for over forty years we have cultivated in Brianza. We have developed the Italian know-how in multiple services for the customer: custom and transformable furniture, that become suitable for every need, always respecting the quality of products and finishes.

Decorating the house in a natural way is simple, we can create your custom-made handmade furniture. Do you need a walk-in closet, a bookcase, a kitchen or a bed? We can do what you need, we can do something special just for you. Our supply services, contract furniture, interior design, furniture rental, custom furniture are designed to give a 360 degree advice to our customer.

Today our future is a project to be realized…


The production and the logistics

Custom-made furniture is made in our carpentry shop in Brianza and local suppliers guarantee short construction times. Our custom-made furniture is shipped with environmentally friendly and safe packaging. The customer for us is the primary value and we give personalized attention to everyone.

Tradition, ease of choice and speed of implementation. We are a group of passionate lovers of what we create. We are also able to realize Noah’s ark for those who want to save themselves from the universal flood of banality.