Plinio il Giovane never sleeps…he dreams!
The brand has been using this pay-off since 1975 when Mario Prandina, considered a dreamer – but with his feet firmly on the ground, started recycling old wooden beams retrieved from a marvellous old farmhouse to produce a range of prototypes that still look very modern even today.

All our pieces of furniture are scrupulously made by hand, one by one, no matter how long this takes using only natural, fully sustainable materials in order to realise this dream.
All those years ago, the first items of furniture were sold from the atelier in the centre of Milan, right in front of the Brera Academy. This is where Mario Prandina, surrounded by a community of artists and designers, first launched his social campaign using his ecological, light-framed products based on the traditional craftsmanship of old-fashioned joinery.

Plinio il Giovane has always concentrated on designing products that transmit the message of respect for nature and the importance of safeguarding the skills of the carpenter so they can be passed down through the generations. Whoever decides to purchase an item of furniture from Plinio il Giovane is not only introducing a new product into their home but also a way of living that is very topical today, since Plinio il Giovane’s products can be used in different ways depending on your needs.
Ecology doesn’t just mean designing furniture using natural materials but also dreaming up products that will still be functional in terms of style and structure for at least another 30 years. Plinio il Giovane’s box of dreams is still overflowing with new projects.