slumber collection

Ever since we created that famous Plinio Bed back in 1975, we have been continuously experimenting in ways to help you enjoy an even better night’s sleep.

Plinio il Giovane never sleeps….he dreams.
And our dream is to reach even greater horizons!

Thanks to our continuous research, combining age-old craft techniques and technology with interactive and creative minds, we are able to offer you a product that should satisfy your dreams.

Why are our beds so sensorial?
Because when you touch the wood we use you get a feeling of smoothness, that only wood worked by hand can produce.

Why do you enjoy a more relaxing night’s sleep on our beds?
Because we allow the air to circulate freely and we know how important this is for your health!

Why are they so essential?
Because of the particular lightness that we have managed to achieve by reducing the frame to the minimum and achieving all this by hand. Ours are the only beds still assembled using old fashioned joinery methods that are then finished and polished with linseed oil.

Why are our three types of mattresses so amazing?

Because all three have been designed and produced:

– to give maximum comfort to your back

– to allow the air to circulate freely so as to improve your breathing whilst you sleep and to prevent any dampness

– to respect the environment: the natural materials we use also allow the bed to breathe and the air to circulate around your body by using a product that is similar to a sea sponge, made of natural raw renewable materials.

Our mattresses are filled with a soft material similar to a sea sponge that is treated with natural essential oils.

And then, since we are never satisfied in our aim to please you, we offer you three further possibilities:

– Do you suffer the heat? We use a product that will keep you feeling cool.

– Do you suffer static? We use a product that absorbs the electricity in your body.

– Are you a nature lover? We use a special cotton that can’t wait to get to know you.

And here is the story behind our mattresses:

Sometimes the best products come from meeting people like Fernando.

He is a middle-aged, easy-going guy who does a job he loves and that he is passionate about. His mission is to produce mattresses that are the most comfortable, relaxing and, above all, the most healthy, because that is what people are looking for today.

When he started out he was only 15 years old and ever since he was been happy designing ways to improve how people sleep. A need expressed by many. He has invested time and energy searching around the world for the latest most innovative, technological and eco-sustainable materials since quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

Thanks to Fernando and his passionate and detailed research, we have worked together to create three perfect mattresses that fit totally with Plinio il Giovane’s philosophy of bed design.

Your back is in perfect hands….with Plinio il Giovane’s slumber collection.