Plinio il Giovane: Bespoke, made-to-measure, furniture – a mission of sustainable elegance

Producing artisan made-to-measure furniture
is what we are really good at….

Plinio il Giovanewas born from the know-how of its founder, Mario Prandina.

Nowadays the carpentry skills used to produce custom, made-to-measure, designer furniture in naturalwoods knows no bounds. This has enabled us to specialise in producing versatile, adaptable,
pieces of furniture.  
We make designer, space-saving items using basic raw materials. Bringing together age-old tradesmen’s skills and technology with creative and interactive designers.

Our aim is to produce furniture that is custom-made, unique, that only we know how to produce.

If it is quality you are looking for, then at Plinio il Giovane you will find this and much more…
made-to-measure wood furniture produced in Milan, custom-made furniture produced in Brianza, bespoke furniture available on-line.

Custom-made wood furniture
or a family of skilled tradesmen and dreamers?

My name is Francesco and I am lucky enough to work for the Plinio il Giovane brand.
The brand that produces authentic, one-off, bespoke pieces of furniture.
I work with Mario on all that is involved in the planning and production of our custom-made, high quality, furniture that is ready for speedy delivery.

Our bespoke concept is based on the enthusiasm of the explosive creative mind of Mario Prandina,
our mentor and founder.

Here we use tools that are difficult to manage but that serve to enhance human artistic capability.
We produce unique, one-off items.

The place where we work is either too hot or too cold.
The smell of wood is all-pervasive – because we have been producing bespoke furniture here for the past 40 years. Wardrobes, kitchens, cupboards, bathroom furniture, hotel reception areas and much more….
even wooden bicycles!

All our artisan, handmade furniture has been designed, planned and produced with pure dedication.
Each one of us has made a contribution to creating the history behind our brand.
The same is true for our retail collection.

Michele and Mirco have been around forever playing in the courtyard of the carpenter’s workshop.
Whilst inside dear Luigi and Mario were working away on the project for Mr Prisco, the lawyer and Chairman of Inter Football Club.
Today, after over 40 years of production, Plinio il Giovane’s catalogue offers more than 40 different products. We also have a wide choice of variations ready for delivery.

Our iconic collection is always available.
Our made-to-measure furniture, bespoke artisan wooden furniture, echos the traditional way of making things while at the same time never failing to innovate.

Custom-made furniture with a strong identity. Ideal for creating work space that is welcoming, functional and pleasant to work in.

There are so many products available on the market today that may look attractive but in fact are made of poor quality materials.

Inexpensive made-to-measure furniture lacking in quality materials.
We continue to produce our artisan furniture the old-fashioned way combining a high quality look and feel. It is important for us that our products are particularly durable to protect the environment and help save our planet.

It is not just a question of choosing items from a catalogue.
As Mario Prandina teaches us, every place must have its own personality and reflect the customer’s needs.

Our projects are inspired by trends, furniture trends of 2019, whilst keeping a look that never goes out of fashion.

My name is Francesco and I am personally responsible for following the entire production process of our made-to-measure wood furniture.
I learnt the process that begins as a design on paper and is then uploaded to the PC and ends up as a finished product.
The experience of our carpenters is not something that can be acquired over night.
This skilled trade is the result of wisdom and knowledge passed down through generations from father to son.

To produce an artisan product is a real art. Artificial intelligence is nowadays considered to be a great tool but it is of no interest to those of us who work in the carpenter’s shop.
And it is also the reason why our finished products are so special.

By now I am have got used to the extreme temperatures I have to put up with in the workshop.
The wooden dust I bring home on my clothes after a long day’s work makes me feel happy because every day something new has been created.

I grew up in a small village near Lecce in Puglia in the south of Italy.
Here in Brianza, an area close to Milan, I have found the same peaceful atmosphere of back home.
I love escaping from the chaos of city life to work in close contact with these untiring, dedicated, skilled tradesmen.
You can feel the passion they have for their work and you could go so far as to say they are in love what they create.
They never resort to simple logic, on the contrary, they continue to search for new inspiration.

I love looking at the photos of the environments our team have created.
Contract started as a lifestyle product.

Francesco’s restaurant, the foyer of the hotel in Berne, Cristina’s kitchen.
All these are environments where the client has achieved the full personal expression and creativity.
The light in Chantal’s spa or the top Italian chef’s surprise when he experienced the aroma of natural linseed oil.
This is how we nourish our products using an age-old recipe. 
I realise that this is the right way of doing things.