Plinio il Giovane

Where the milanesi sit...

I have believed in it since 1975.

This was specially designed for
a good night's sleep by only using
all-natural materials and
allowing the air to circulate freely.
It is made by hand from heavy oak
and is easy to dismantle for cleaning
since it has only four large
wooden screws.
The super light mattress
made from natural wool and cotton,
means that it breathes well since
the material used is like a sea sponge.
We were inspired by the ancient
tea ceremony when we thought
about assembling this bed
as we wanted to make it a moment
to dedicate to well-being.
It becomes a ritual which enables you
to understand how it is constructed so
that it can be truly appreciated.

When function drives design.

Luigi, who still makes
bicycle wheels out of wood,
nearly went crazy trying to make
the prototype for "Brandina".
"Hey, only 6 centimeters thick,
that's a record",
we said to each other
as we stood together on top
of our invention.
"Fantastic, it's so strong
and yet so light".
"But", Luigi complained,
"this is absolutely crazy!
One hundred and eighteen joints
and one hundred and four
wooden pegs, all handmade".
And so "Brandina" was born,
the most-written-about-bed
in magazines over the last three years.

The Brandina becomes a sofa.

Fantasy and lightness
are the ingredients
of this most photographed
of all our products
in magazines.
Each component
of the "Day Bed"
has been designed
to be load-bearing.
An amazing number
of wooden joints
are used to create
a structure on which
to attach from between
a bed to a sofa.

When a project hides a surprise.

Certain ideas go round and round
Then one lucky day
they all come together
to form a product.
Creativity is a wonderful thing
and always manages to suprise me.
This is how we discovered
that "Eclettica" could be a table,
an armchair, a small sofa,
a bed or two chairs set at an angle,
as well as a coffee table.
The other day one of our clients
phoned us to say that
she was using it for
something else,
but we still haven't
understood what...

When wit is the source
of inspiration.

As long as I am able
to laugh at myself
and not take myself
too seriously, my fantasy
will be free to come up
with products such as "Duetto".
This is a clever little sofa
that can become a single bed
for a friend (who snores)
to sleep on (half the bed
can be moved to another place)
or the two parts
can be joined together
for a moment of intimacy.

Light and fun,
just like a real holiday.

"Dondolo" is
just like a real holiday.
Memories of time past
sitting in front of
an open fire listening to
a tale being told
or a fairytale
read just before bedtime.

Where the milanesi sit.

Sometimes I really think
I am living in a tree.
Products such as "Seggiola"
come into being without
ever looking at
what others are doing.
Who better than my uncle,
an orthopedic surgeon,
to help me design
an ergonomic structure
to sit on for hours on end?
And still, even after
so many years,
this chair can be spotted
in various cafès
around Milan.

light and spacious!

"Totem" is extremely light
but can be filled
with loads of heavy books
or old record albums.
It can stand
in the middle of a room
or a few of them
stood side by side
can be used to separate
one area of the home
from another.

When being square
is positive.

How much does space cost?
What are tables
and seats used for?
What if one square meter
were enough for two
to eat lunch together?
And what about
using the frame round a mirror
to make room
for eight people
to eat together?

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